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About 2 months ago

Interview Schedule

Please ensure you read the full details below noting your interview day and time which cannot be changed.

Please download the judging guidelines which include everything you need to know by clicking here

Should you require any further information please contact event manager: Aileen Gallacher 01254 297870 / 07768 833723


The Villa @ North End
Preston FC
Lowthorpe Road Entrance (next to Health Centre)


Thursday 28 September – panel 1

9.30 9.50 Frankie Haggerty, Forbes Solicitors Apprentice Award
9.55 10.15 James Birchall, Key Digital Apprentice Award
10.35 10.55 Portia Taylor-Black, West Lancashire Borough Council Apprentice Award
11.00 11.20 William Holmes, Printed Cup Company Apprentice Award


11.55 12.15 Gabrielle McNamara, The Hyman Group Sub36 Leadership Award
12.20 12.40 James Cowburn, 10ACIA Sub36 Leadership Award
1.35 1.55 Lauren Grice, Bespoke | Digital Agency Sub36 Leadership Award
2.00 2.20 Vicky Lofthouse, Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce Sub36 Leadership Award


2.55 3.15 Stefanie Thwaite, Puddle Ducks West Lancashire Customer Relations Award
3.20 3.40 Joe Geraghty, LH Recruitment Customer Relations Award
4.00 4.20 Oliver Gowling, Pendle Engineering Customer Relations Award
4.25 4.45 Hayley Wilkinson, Birchall Foodservice Customer Relations Award


Thursday 28 September – panel 2

9.30 10.00 Bethany Howell, Energy Cost Management Innovator Award
10.05 10.35 Katie Longshaw-Pye, Magpye Creative Innovator Award
10.55 11.25 Liz Clark, Stone Create Innovator Award
11.30 12.05 Owen Phillips, Ribcaged Productions Innovator Award


1.30 2.00 Chris Smith, Pendle Engineering Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2.05 2.35 Daniel Halenko, Bellit Security Group Entrepreneur of the Year Award
2.55 3.25 David Price, 10ACIA Entrepreneur of the Year Award
3.30 4.00 Tom Havlin, GetStaffed Solutions Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Thursday 28 September – panel 3

9.30 9.50 Gemma Harper, Hardy Services Employee of the Year Award
9.55 10.15 Katherine Hackett, Harrison Drury Solicitors Employee of the Year Award
10.35 10.55 Thomas Wilcox, Physiofusion Employee of the Year Award
11.00 11.20 Tom Craig, GetStaffed Solutions Employee of the Year Award


11.55 12.15 Anthony Taylor, Empine Group New Business Award
12.20 12.40 Daniel Fisher, Tienda Digital New Business Award
1.35 1.55 Harry Carter, Carter’s Building Consultancy New Business Award
2.00 2.20 Stephen Scurlock, S&H Group New Business Award


2.55 3.15 Bethany Howell, Energy Cost Management Lifelong Learner Award
3.20 3.40 Daniel Halenko, Bellit Security Group Lifelong Learner Award
4.00 4.20 Gemma Harper, Hardy Services Lifelong Learner Award
4.25 4.45 Katie Morgan, Harrison Drury Solicitors Lifelong Learner Award


Thursday 28 September – panel 4

9.30 10.00 Chris Smith, Pendle Engineering Inspiration Award
10.05 10.35 David Price, 10ACIA Inspiration Award
10.55 11.25 Thomas Millington, Academy Print & Design Inspiration Award
11.30 12.05 Yasemin Sunbul, Openreach Inspiration Award


1.30 2.00 David Price, 10ACIA Young Lancastrian Award
2.05 2.35 Hannah Hughes, Harrison Drury Solicitors Young Lancastrian Award
2.55 3.25 Joanne Fulthorpe, Business Enterprise Trust Young Lancastrian Award
3.30 4.00 Owen Phillips, Ribcaged Productions Young Lancastrian Award