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Sub36 for Businesses

Sir Richard Branson said: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”

Our job with Sub36 is to show the strength and depth of Lancashire business and if your people make it to our finals, then your business becomes attractive to other employees.

Sub36 also provides significant and high-level networking opportunities with other motivated businesses, judges and sponsors at numerous point across our campaign.

Sub36 is designed to show off how good your workplace is for rising stars and raise your profile in the process via Lancashire Business View’s huge platforms.

Many businesses across the county from various sizes and sectors nominate employees in to the awards each year including BAE Systems, Forbes Solicitors, Birchall Foodservice, Northern Industrial, Physiofusion, Harrison Drury Solicitors, Bespoke Digital Agency, The Hyman Group, NatWest, Utiligroup, NFU Mutual, RSM and Debenhams.

We also have a number of sponsors plus independent judges that support the awards which you have the chance of forging relationships with.

Celebrate your young stars who are rising through the ranks by encouraging them to enter, or submitting a nomination on their behalf. There's no cost, but the gain could be significant for you and your employees.

Employees can enter the categories below:

Businesses with owners under the age of 36 are also eligible for the Sub36 Business Award.

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