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Sales Geek

Changing the way the world perceives sales

“If you’re in business, then you are ‘in’ sales!” - so the saying goes.

Yet the majority of business people are not from a sales background and aren’t well versed in the sales skills, processes and strategies that will help their business flourish.

Even worse, “sales” is often regarded as a dirty word, usually resulting from the poor experiences we have all had as customers, making us wary of sales and sales people. 

Sales Geek are on a mission to change the impressions people have of our industry, by rewriting the sales rulebook. We help business people overcome all those previous poor experiences and to develop ethical sales skills, critical to the success of their business.

We ‘walk the talk too’. As one of only 20 training centres, worldwide, endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) Sales Geek have used our 100+ years of collective sales experience to help hundreds of businesses grow, from local start-ups to multi-nationals. Back in 2018 we won the Sub36 New Business Award and last year grew our business by over 180% winning three Red Rose Awards, including the Growing Business Award, in the process.

Sales Geek can help your business if you need:

A Sales Director - Strategic level sales support and mentoring to help you solve problems and grow your business.
A Sales Enabler - An Operational Director to help you deliver reform and transformation.
A Sales Trainer  - An in-house sales trainer working with your team to provide real world learning opportunities from your pipeline.
Sales Geek Academy™ - A full sales training syllabus for those new to sales or wanting to develop a broad range of skills.
The Sales Geek Hub™ - Access to the world-leading sales training whenever you need, via our digital sales training platform from just £9.99 per person per month.
Whatever you business’ sales needs, whatever your budget, we can help and support you and your business.

As a Sub36 Awards winner you are doing just great!

And we want to add our support to your success!

Going through the awards process was an amazing experience for Sales Geek. Chief Geek and Founder Richard Few explains. “The Sub36 awards journey has been a definite catalyst for our growth since 2018. We were presented with new ideas and met fantastic new people and new clients. But even more than that, being acknowledged by such a respected award, gave us the confidence and subsequent self-belief to kick on to where we are today. We want the 2020 award winners to have the benefit of the same positive experiences we had, so we are committing to supporting Sub36 winners for a full 12 months after their award.”

So, if you are still thinking of applying, we recommend you take a leaf from Nike and “Just Do It!”

Click here for more details on the Sales Geek Academy pass for award winners.

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